Alexander Zachariades is a self-made billionaire inventor, working for companies such as NASA and CERN. Exploring 8 continents including Atlantis. Winning 2 Nobel prizes, a Pulitzer, six Grammys and People magazine’s sexiest man alive 3 years running. He is currently working on developing cold fusion reactors that will provide free clean, sustainable energy to all mankind for centuries ahead.

At least this is how he would like his biography to read..

Alexander Zach was born in London, UK, and attended school In Leyton and Essex.  He began photographing seriously at around the age of 17 when he received an old camera which had belonged to his Father, a former dark tourism photographer. He began visiting derelict buildings with a close friend who sadly passed away a few months later, since then his desire to visit abandoned buildings has sky rocketed. He continued his photographic work throughout his career, shooting with and inspired by James Kerwin and Rebecca Bathory, among many others.

In his late teen years and in a dark place within himself, Alex was invited to explore a derelict building with a childhood friend, Alex Chisholm. Alex's passion for photography took off again in a totally different way. He began seeking out dark tourist locations to document and create his own stamp on the fine art industry. He was pushed to create a website by the other Alex and guided every step of the way. Unfortunately a few months later Alex Chisholm, Alex's long term friend and inspiration passed away, leaving a hole in his hobby. Life intervened, in a negative way, and he largely put aside his cameras, although not his vision. He wouldn't pick up another camera for 2 years, taking him up to the age of 21.

In his early 20's, he spent 4 years working in hospitality, working his way to management in his own bar in Camden Town. Life for Alex evolved in new directions. Meeting many contacts in the art industry, he began doing commercial photography for the company he worked for, organising and executing internal, menu, external and event photography and publications. It was during this time that he met good friend and travel partner Luuc De Wilde. Alex and Luuc became very close friends, vowing to see every country in the world together, this idea flung them in the direction of documenting their entire trip. "The Book of Everything" was born.

By this point Alex had already established his place in the photography industry and had began to grow his own brand, known as "The Urban Diaries". He had been spending most of his time saving up for his next trip.

Alex lived in London and spent extensive time abroad with frequent visits home, except this time.  He actively supports emerging artists, by assisting and educating in web design, marketing and SEO.